Patient with severe depression who traveled with his mother from Canada for Ketamine therapy.

I thought you, Dr. Jilanne Rose and the rest of your great team might want to hear this. I can’t express how happy I am to share it. 😊 Hope you’re all well. Have a wonderful weekend.

people with severe depression

The other night we asked our son if he could describe how he’s feeling better after Ketamine treatment for severe depression. He said the best way was with an analogy he’d come up with (he does that often).

He described being in a room with 2 windows – one that had a view of all the bad and negative in the world and in his life, and the other with a more positive and hopeful outlook. He said before treatment the negative window was the only one he could really see clearly out of with only fleeting glimpses now and then out of the positive one. Now that has changed! The positive window is clearer and the one he wants to look through. The negative one is more opaque. He can still see things through it, but less often and he doesn’t dwell on them or generalize that everything is awful.

We’re pretty thrilled with that description!

He has reapplied to a tech school for the x-ray technician program he’s interested in and had his interview today. He’s still not sure he’ll be ready to do the program in the fall, but doesn’t want to not try.

Wow. 😊. We are so happy and hopeful.

Thank you all so very much. You guys change lives.