There are Two Major Advantages for neuropsychiatric treatment at AKTARI

Advantage #1

Evaluation and Treatment Management by a Psychiatrist and an Anesthesiologist.

Nearly all Ketamine clinics are run by only one of two medical specialists— about 75% of clinics are run by an anesthesiologist and 25% by a psychiatrist or psychologist. AKTARI has both a Board-Certified MD Psychiatrist and a Board-Certified MD Anesthesiologist on staff. We feel the combination of a Psychiatrist and an Anesthesiologist makes Ketamine treatment much safer and much more effective for our patients. Our psychiatrist, Dr. Lauro Patino, determines how Ketamine will best benefit our patients, provides an effective treatment plan, and evaluates the response to therapy. Our anesthesiologist, Dr Mathew Crooks, has over 10 years of experience working with Ketamine, and calculates the proper dose to maximize effectiveness and minimize any side effects.


Advantage #2

Our Clinical Research Mission.

No other non-university based Ketamine clinic has an active On-Site Research program. Our clinical research goals include:

  • Determine how Ketamine works to relieve the symptoms of mental illness.
  • Devise better ways to administer Ketamine or its derivatives.
  • Evaluate Ketamine treatment for other neuro behavioral disorders, such as Tourette syndrome, PGAD, Autism, Hoarding Syndrome, etc.
  • Determine why Ketamine is not effective for 20% of depression patients.

We’re getting closer and closer to having really, truly next-generation treatments that are better and quicker than existing ones.

Dr. Carlos Zarate, National Institute of Mental Health