Over time, since we have been open, we have had higher prices and we actually decided to lower effective August 12, 2020. The change came about because we received so many calls from patients that can’t afford these higher prices. Some Ketamine practices have patients that will pay the higher prices, but we have found the majority of people want to come but can’t pay the prices.

We want to put patient’s access to care above the higher prices. We based our decision on the high number of phone calls in and outside of our area that simply can’t afford the high priced Ketamine infusions. Rather than shut patients out, we recently decided to include as many people as possible by lowering our prices. We are community based and our referrals come from other patients, providers, friends, and family.

We really believe in Ketamine therapy and really believe it helps people. We have seen many hundreds of positive results.

Our quality of care will not change. Our center does have a psychiatrist, pain management physician, doctorate level nurse practitioner, and highly trained support staff. We still offer excellent treatment in our comfortable private rooms.