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“Recent data suggest that Ketamine, given intravenously, might be the most important breakthrough in antidepressant treatment in decades.”
– Dr. Thomas Insel, Director of the National Institute of Mental Health




“Recent data suggest that Ketamine, given intravenously, might be the most important breakthrough in antidepressant treatment in decades.”
– Dr. Thomas Insel, Director of the National Institute of Mental Health

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Arizona Ketamine Therapy

What Experts are Saying about Ketamine

“When we saw the first initial responses you say, wow, this will definitely revolutionize our treatments for mental illness. Ketamine helped most people with major depression in less than two hours” – Dr. Carlos Zarate, National Institute of Mental Health

“It’s truly amazing both in terms of how powerful the effect is, but also how quickly it works. Other treatments we know, medications, psychological therapy, electro-convulsive therapy, take weeks to work. So the fact that you can go from being depressed to being well in one day is unheard of.” – Dr. Colleen Loo, Professor, University of New South Wales, Australia

“It’s not subtle. It’s really obvious that it’s going to be effective, and the response rate is unbelievable. This drug is 75 percent effective, which means that three-quarters of my patients do well. Nothing in medicine has those kinds of numbers. Ketamine as an anti-depressant is well established in the USA and is now an accepted mode of therapy” – Dr. Enrique Abreu, Conscious Sedation Consulting, Portland, Oregon

“Ketamine is the most exciting development in treating depression and anxiety that I have encountered in twenty years practicing psychiatry. Today, we psychiatrists clearly have a miraculous new tool for healing patients in our therapeutic armamentarium.” –
Dr. Keith Ablow, M.D.
, NeuragainClinic, Boston

There is new hope for sufferers of Depression and other NeuroPsychiatric conditions – the medication Ketamine.


Over 75% of patients with depression, including Treatment-Resistant Depression, experience rapid relief of symptoms after Ketamine therapy. The majority of patients with bipolar disorder, chronic anxiety, PTSD, OCD, panic disorder, or agoraphobia will also have significant relief or even complete resolution of symptoms after Ketamine treatment.

  • Many of these patients have suffered for years or decades, and some have even considered or attempted suicide.
  • Prior to Ketamine, they had no hope for a better quality of life. Many patients experience immediate relief from depression after a single Ketamine infusion.

With a short series of infusions, symptomatic relief can last for weeks or months – including immediate relief from anxiety, anhedonia (inability to experience joy), physical fatigue, dysphoria (melancholy), cognitive impairment, insomnia and more. When physical symptoms are relieved, patients experience a dramatic improvement in mood.


Impressive Results


The fact that Ketamine works rapidly on 75% of patients is astonishing, and its discovery has profoundly changed depression research and our understanding of the very nature of depression. Academic medical centers including Yale University, the University of California, and Mayo Clinic, are treating more and more of their patients with Ketamine.

Many people don’t seek a depression treatment center because they fear the stigma attached or are ashamed to admit they can’t handle their own lives. Worse yet, only 30% to 40% of those people who do seek treatment will get significantly better with commonly prescribed antidepressant medications.

Ketamine works very rapidly, with many patients noting a dramatic elevation in mood within a few hours or days, compared to several weeks with standard drugs. Better yet, Ketamine does not have the weight gain, erectile dysfunction, reduced sexual/orgasmic response, drowsiness, insomnia, or dry mouth side effects of other psychiatric medications.

Note: AKTARI Does Not treat Chronic Pain Disorders, we only treat Depression and NeuroPsychiatric Syndromes. However, some patients with depression, bipolar syndrome, or other neuropsychiatric disorders also suffer from some degree of chronic pain. This will not disqualify them from obtaining Ketamine therapy for their psychiatric symptoms at AKTARI.


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